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3D Maneuver Gear inspired Boston Bag

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Shingeki no Kyojin by Arina Tanemura





I guess we have another glitch/problem on our hands, this time with Wonder Trading.

Since the game has been hacked, there have been rumors going around that people have been sending hacked Pokemon over Wonder Trade.

The process goes smoothly, but once you actually recieve said hacked Pokemon, it turns into a “Mystery Egg”.

This “Mystery Egg” acts sort of like “Bad egg” from previous generations. Basically it’s an egg that can’t hatch. You can’t release it, trade it, or hatch it. 

The difference between “Bad egg” and “Mystery egg”, though…

Mystery egg can multiply.

Mystery egg can corrupt the PC box that its in and end up corrupting the Pokemon within it if they’re not moved.

Here’s a video showing said “Mystery egg”. 

Here’s a thread discussing what may cause these “Mystery eggs”.

According to the video, he didn’t actually get it from Wonder Trading, but going through the comments and some forum boards, some people HAVE been effected by Wonder Trading.

This is most likely due to corrupted Data that results in the egg being “created”.

If you have a mystery egg, here are some of the things you should/shouldn’t do (taken from the thread taken above):

1. Do not touch the egg! That means no checking moves, stats, anything. It may have an item attached, do not attempt to retrieve the item!

2. The box the bad egg is in is immediately QUARANTINED.

3. Immediately remove all Pokemon from the quarantined box. They can and WILL be corrupted if they remain in close proximity to the bad egg.

4. Do not , I repeat, DO NOT attempt to withdraw the egg. Do NOT attempt to hatch the egg.

5. Your primary goal is to save all your Pokemon from infection. Treat a bad egg like you would a zombie pathogen that spreads via air.

6. Your secondary goal is to avoid the Pokemon “——-“. At all costs.

I’m not saying you should avoid Wonder Trading, but be extra cautious. 

Stay safe everyone!

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