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Hi! I'm Irieru. I'm a 22 year old spanish girl, and I'm taken. ♥

This is a personal and multifandom blog. It's not spoiler-free, but I tag every post to be safe.
If you want to know more about it, here is an about page

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Ray - ebb & flow
supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
League of Legends OST - Nami Login Screen
dai - 生まれてきてくれてありがとう
Final Fantasy X OST - To Zanarkand

Finished Tiger & Bunny

Random thoughts (and some spoilers) about Tiger & Bunny series. EXTREME fangirliness inside (?)

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Currently watching Tiger & Bunny

Just watched the 7th episode. And I have to say it or I’ll explode. 

Shortcut for spoilers. And fangirliness xD

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