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Hi! I'm Irieru. I'm a 22 year old spanish girl, and I'm taken. ♥

This is a personal and multifandom blog. It's not spoiler-free, but I tag every post to be safe.
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Ray - ebb & flow
supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
League of Legends OST - Nami Login Screen
dai - 生まれてきてくれてありがとう
Final Fantasy X OST - To Zanarkand

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Supernatural: S05E08, Changing Channels

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「L」Production processSCENE Ta_2

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-“It’s me. I’ve been caught by an agent of the Agency. Yes, Makise Kurisu. No, no problem. I’ll shake her off someh-“

-“Who are you talking to? …Oh? It’s off.”


• • 30 Days Seiyuu Challenge • •
✰ Day #4 - Kamiya Hiroshi

Master of trolling, Kamiya Hiroshi-san has played some tricky characters. He is most known by playing Izaya from Durarara!! and now's becoming more popular with Law from One Piece. Hiroshi-san is, like most of his colleaguse, a singer. He has made some duets with Ono Daisuke and Sugita Tomokazu but he also has some solo albums.
And, I think it's a little awkward, but characters he voiced really look-alike, either their personality is the same or looks. I don't find that in other seiyuu.
I love Kamiya-san's voice. I fell in love with his characters even tho they (some of them) are trolls. Freaky huh?
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